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Camping in the woods



Our family has not been into camping ever since our first camping trip some 15 years back. It didn’t end very well when our then-toddler screeched in the middle of the night and we left the campsite right away. Ever since we’ve passed every chance to go camping but decided to give another go for a one-night camping trip to Mt Diablo which is about an hour and a half drive from our home.

They say life’s better when you add fresh air, warm campfire, a starlit night sky and I couldn’t agree more. Camping is not a vacation but it surely makes good memories. With the cold air, dark night, the eerie raccoons that popped from the bushes to grab the leftovers, not to mention chilling out with friends around the campfire into the wee hours of the night. Camping lets you realize how little you need in life and its a great way to break out of the normal routines especially if your day involves a lot of tech. Because there was no wifi, kids (and adults) played real games like card games and seemed to have conversations with no distractions. So even though our family has warmed up to the idea of one-night camping trips, it was great to come back to the comfort of home sweet home.

What’s the best part of camping you love?

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